"I first met Susan in 1991 when she joined my staff when I was the Transportation Services Manager for the Tennessee Public Service Commission.   She has worked in many administrative roles directly related with commercial vehicle enforcement and served as my assistant at both the TPSC and the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP).  Susan was responsible for arranging the training programs for our enforcement personnel and participated in much of the training herself including CVSA Level I Inspection Certification, DUI Enforcement and the 3 week transition course designed specifically for the  TPSC Enforcement Personnel prior to their merge with the THP in 1996.  Her ability to retain information and interpret it for field personnel on the roadside and training development proved invaluable to both me and my staff.  She performed supervisor training for our district's first line supervisors that was later adopted by the THP when I served as CVE/THP Captain of District 12.  She has a very diverse work history and continually demonstrates a high aptitude in understanding the regulations that govern the trucking industry.  I am certain that her knowledge, passion for helping others, and desire to promote safety will be pivotal towards her success in developing the best training available for drivers."

- Shelton Hunt, Captain (Retired)

Tennessee Highway Patrol

"It is with pleasure that I recommend Susan Lockhart's Truck Driver Training School. Susan is an exceptional person, totally honest, trust worthy, dependable and professional. She had  lengthy careers  in the regulation of commercial vehicles and is a subject matter expert. I can think of no one who  is more qualified in training drivers for commercial trucking operations. I feel certain that Susan's school will become one of the best in the nation and I wish her the best and congratulate all who choose to attend in that your getting the best most up to date training available from professionals. 

- Frankie Floied, Director (Retired)

Tennessee Highway Patrol

Criminal Investigations Division


LeeAnn Gilbert

Operations & Recruiting  Manager

Susan Lockhart Engler served more than 26 years with the State of Tennessee - 13 of which she worked in various administrative roles with Commercial Vehicle Enforcement  at both the Public Service Commission and Tennessee Highway Patrol.  In addition, she has several years of combined experience in the trucking industry as both a Safety Director  and Compliance Manager.   She founded Lockhart Trucking Academy in February 2016.

Our Instructors are dedicated to the safest instruction possible and pride themselves on becoming life mentors.  They collectively have a combination of specialized commercial vehicle law enforcement, military, and over the road driving experience.

Our Team

"I have known Susan Lockhart for over 20 years, and 8 of those years she worked for me, either directly or indirectly. During that time, she became knowledgeable of motor carrier safety laws and was a very valuable asset. She was dedicated to keeping the highways safe and practicing good judgement to deal fairly with the industry they regulated. I'm sure Susan will continue her dedication and qualities in her new venture as she did with the Department of Safety."

- Butch Lawson, Lt. Colonel (Retired)

Tennessee Highway Patrol

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division

Susan Lockhart Engler



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